Used Honda SUVs & Crossovers

lineup of all-wheel-drive honda suvs


Used Honda SUVs represent some of the best-in-class vehicles for drivers looking to make their next big purchase. This is because Honda vehicles have proven themselves to be some of the most reliable on the market, even when they have exceeded 100,000 miles. With this, buyers can feel more confident when they make the decision to purchase a slightly older Honda versus another automotive brand. Used Hondas consistently receive high marks by impartial studies by entities such as J.D. Power & Associates and Consumer Reports, indicating their above-average reliability. Along those same lines, the reputation Honda has established for itself can really make the prospect of purchasing a used vehicle more enticing than buying a new vehicle, especially given that there is a wider price range to choose from.






As mentioned, Honda is considered to be one of the leading car manufacturers in terms of overall safety and longevity, and their used SUVs are no exception. To ensure this quality, each used Honda that makes it to the dealership undergoes a rigorous inspection process, especially those that are going to be sold in the HondaTrue certified pre-owned program. For a secondhand SUV to be included in HondaTrue, it must pass a significant 182-point inspection. Any required service will be performed with genuine Honda replacement parts. Not only that, but a comprehensive vehicle evaluation is conducted, which includes a history report that shows all previous registrations, maintenance, and repairs conducted prior to the inspection of the vehicle. Add to that Honda’s 7-year/100,000-mile certified pre-owned warranty – which carries no deductible – and you have the transparency and protection to make your purchase of a used Honda SUV or crossover as low-risk as can be.

More Cash in Your Pocket

Because a used SUV has already gone through the most rapid stage of depreciation (which happened as soon as it was driven off the lot by its original buyer), buying secondhand is a great way to get a lot of vehicle for the money. For example, a 2016 Honda Pilot EX-L with 18,000 miles usually falls within the $25,000 range, whereas a brand-new 2019 EX-L is priced at $37,760, a significant difference for three years. Even a fully loaded 2015 Honda CR-V Touring with approximately 60,000 miles can be found floating around the $20,000 range, while a brand-new 2019 Touring goes for $32,750. It should also be noted that while 18,000 miles is nothing for most vehicles, with Honda, it is essentially brand-new – not even broken in yet – as these cars are built to exceed 200,000 with the right maintenance. All things considered, used Honda SUVs provide exceptional quality standards at a very manageable price. Potential buyers can rest assured that their choice of a vehicle that has already hit the open road will not be something to lose sleep over.