Honda Tech Tutor Walkthrough


Modern cars are filled with all sorts of advanced technology and features to assist with driving and help keep you comfortable and entertained. In order to understand these features more clearly, Honda has designed the Honda Tech Tutor. This useful tool provides user-friendly instructional videos on how to use and operate all of the advanced technology in your Honda vehicle. So, how does Honda Tech Tutor work?


Using Honda Tech Tutor

  1. In order to use Honda Tech Tutor, visit


  1. On this page you’ll see a list of all Honda vehicles with their correlating names and pictures. Once you find your Honda vehicle, simply click on its picture and you will navigate to the appropriate page.


  1. This page should now show the available configurations in your vehicle’s family. Click on the picture of the configuration that you own.


  1. You should now be on a page with all of the available vehicle trims. Click on the picture of the trim that you own.


  1. Now that you have found your specific vehicle’s configuration and trim, you will see the Honda Tech Tutor’s list of topics, with the most popular topics at the top of the listing. Now, you may browse through the various categories to find the topic you’re interested in learning about. Once you find your topic of interest, just click on it and you will navigate towards the instructional video.


  1. Now that you are at the video screen for your topic, click the play button on the bottom left corner of the video and it will demonstrate how to use that specific feature. After watching the video, go back to the last page if you would like to watch an instructional video about another feature.


Now you’re ready to fully enjoy all of the advanced features of your Honda!