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Here’s a trivia question for you: What was the first hybrid car mass-marketed in the United States? If you answered the Honda Insight, you’re on the money. The Insight came on to the scene in 1999, soon to be joined by the Toyota Prius. Now, most automakers offer more than one hybrid model, meaning that eco-conscious car shoppers have even more to sort through as they’re making their decision.

The purpose of this page is to distill the specs on three similarly priced rival hybrids to help you determine which suits your needs best. The Insight has the edge with the lowest starting MSRP, at $22,930; the Corolla Hybrid starts at $23,100 and the Ioniq starts at $23,200. Because Toyota has just debuted the Corolla Hybrid this model year, we’ve chosen to include it in this comparison instead of the automaker’s best-known hybrid, the Prius. Since the conventional gasoline-only Corolla and Civic have been natural rivals for decades, and the Insight is heavily based on the Civic, people are sure to be interested in how those hybrids compare. We’ll also stack the 2020 Hyundai Ioniq’s specs against those of the latest Honda Insight.

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Fuel Economy and Power

The main reason people purchase gas-electric hybrid vehicles is to use less fuel, whether their main motivation is to save money or lower their carbon footprint. The 2020 Honda Insight makes a great showing with its EPA-estimated 55 mpg city and 49 mpg highway, beating the Corolla Hybrid’s 52 city/53 highway. While the Ioniq betters both of them with 57 city/59 highway, the Insight has a stronger hybrid system, putting out 151 electric horsepower against the Ioniq’s 139 hp and the Corolla Hybrid’s 121 electric hp. It’s worth mentioning that the Insight also outpowers the Toyota Prius, which has the same powertrain as the Corolla Hybrid. While none of these powertrains raises eyebrows with its output, the electric motor half of the system provides nice torque from a standstill.

Standard and Available Equipment

The 2020 Honda Insight comes in three trim levels, giving its buyers a choice of standard equipment. The Corolla Hybrid, on the other hand, comes in just one trim level, meaning that buyers don’t get a choice. All levels of the Insight get heated exterior mirrors for easy defrosting (and safer lane changes); this feature isn’t offered at all on the Corolla Hybrid, and it’s only found on the higher trims of the Ioniq. Honda also offers some helpful features as options, including camera-aided electronic rear park assist and fog lights, neither of which is available on the Corolla Hybrid or the Ioniq.


All trim levels of the 2020 Honda Insight also get a full suite of driver-assist technologies through Honda Sensing. The sole 2020 Corolla Hybrid trim is likewise set up with Toyota’s proprietary bundle of active safety technologies, but it doesn’t include rear cross-traffic alert or blind-zone monitoring. As for the 2020 Hyundai Ioniq, the buyer would have to pay for a higher trim level to get a comparable array of features.